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TailG Hi Speed RM-i900 Electric Scooter First Review

Kashif Mahmood and MTJ have reacted to this post.
Kashif MahmoodMTJ

Overall looks like a quality product launched at good price and specifications.

Now the real question is how true are the range claims made by HiSpeed?

TAILG Leopard turbo button

Salaam, You mentioned there is no info on the button next to ARS. I think it is a turbo button in the TAILG i900 Leopard as I found one video from Peru with an older version of the TAILG Leopard which had a Turbo button in the same location. @mubashir bhai kindly test this button and let us all know.

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Mubashir Rafiq and DilPishori have reacted to this post.
Mubashir RafiqDilPishori

Slam,,, bhai is bike rm i900 ki speed and milege test on gps ki video banao plz

Mubashir Rafiq has reacted to this post.
Mubashir Rafiq

Brother ye test companies k interest se perform kiye jattay hain, agr mery pass apna ho ya koee end user mil jye to main fori aisy test kr dyta hn, but yahan companies ko IMO khud k claim py trust nhi hotta ziyada (aik -add k elawa) hope k koee Scooter mil jye to zaroor testing krain gain. IA

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